24 November 2015

Man Up (2015) in 100 Words

In the course of writing this review I’ve had a mini-revelation regarding Man Up. At first I was frustrated with how this anti-rom-com turns to well-worn tropes in its third act. 

20 November 2015

Star Wars Rebels - Blood Sisters

Last week my prayers were answered when Hera (and the B-Wing!), were given plenty of attention. It may not have been full of details but it was great to see more of her. Imagine my excitement when I realise that this week’s episode covers my other big problem with Rebels…Sabine.

15 November 2015

What We Do In The Shadows (2014) in 100 Words

Silver, sunlight, mirrors. All the usual tropes are used as a documentary team are allowed access to a group of vampires.

12 November 2015

Star Wars Rebels - Wings of the Master

Heads up, I’m going to get a little spoilery in this review. So much of the detail is integral to my feelings on it that I can’t avoid it all that well.

FINALLY! A Hera episode. Wasn’t sure I was going to get an answer to my bleating but here we are.

10 November 2015

Spy (2015) in 100 Words

My hatred of the previous collaboration between McCarthy and Feig, Bridesmaids, nearly stopped me from giving Spy a watch. I’m glad I did though.