24 November 2014

TMNT #40

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

If you're not all caught up yet, check out my review for TMNT #39! There might be minor spoiler for the issues if you you're not up to date!

"Mutants new and old make for a combustible mix! The Turtles are stuck in the middle of an unfolding brawl that could affect mutantkind forever! Will Hob’s army be destroyed before it even begins? Alopex, Nobody, Pigeon Pete…who will be the victor?"

40 issues! IDW's TMNT series reaches another milestone and it's fully deserved. No doubt the enduring popularity of the heroes in a half shell has helped, but its amazing visuals and great storytelling that have really kept this title on the stands and going from strength to strength.

18 November 2014

The Raid 2 (2014)

Director - Gareth Evans
Cast - Iko Uwais, Arifin Putra, Oka Antara, Tio Pakusadewo, Alex Abbad and Julie Estelle

The Dark Knight of action movies! Overselling it there I think.

The Raid 2 continues the story of Rama and his nifty Silat skills as he goes undercover to root out corrupt police. The bigger budget shows immediately; as the film progresses we see plenty of inventive camera usage from the returning Evans as we visit many more locales. Following on from the first film by a matter of hours, it’s far more dramatic and layered from a storytelling point of view, but I've got to say I miss the confines of the apartment block in the first film. It was taught and focused, whereas here several threads play separately before coming together, which takes time. 

17 November 2014

Star Wars Rebels - Empire Day

One massive thought jumped out at me through this latest episode. We're actually rooting for the terrorists! With current events that struck me as a very interesting way to look at it all, adding an extra layer to the story.

We find that the Empire is celebrating the day they were created. The day that the Jedi were almost killed off as their clone armies turned on them. Empire Day is grudgingly accepted by the residents of Lothal, but is has far deeper ramifications for one individual.

13 November 2014

Star Wars Rebels - Out of Darkness

Throughout my reviews for Rebels I've been saying how I'd like to see more of Hera and Sabine....and here we are!

Out of Darkness gets off to a great start with plenty of TIE Fighter and Phantom action. Some great camera angles are used to make a relatively simple dogfight very exciting. It's always interesting to me to see things from an Imperial point of view, so to see the inside of a TIE and how it's flown was a nice touch.

During this fight the main crux of the story is set up, with Sabine questioning the decisions made by Kanan and Hera. They find her lack of faith disturbing, and in retaliation she goes as far as to compare their lack of transparency to the situation she found herself in in the Imperial academy. 

Star Wars Rebels - Breaking Ranks

Rise of the Old Masters set a high bar, and whilst Breaking Ranks doesn't quite match the same height it's still a great episode with plenty of action and tension.

It's very intriguing to get a look into how the Empire is run on a day to day basis, and though this isn't your standard training course it's cool to get more detail into Imperial operations now that they can't rely solely on clone troopers.