31 July 2015

Red Dawn (2012) in 100 Words

I get why Red Dawn was remade. With its premise and clearly patriotic tones it’s well suited to play on audiences current fears.

30 July 2015

Kill the Messenger (2015) in 100 Words

I’ll admit straight away that I have no idea how much of this well told tale was true, but with Jeremy Renner in Hurt Locker form I don’t mind. Kill the Messenger is a powerful story that really only begins at the point many would end. 

27 July 2015

Home (2015) in 100 Words

Perhaps my biggest take away from HOME is that Rhianna wasn't annoying, as I didn't know she was in it until the credits. 

24 July 2015

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015)

How did it get this far? We live in a world where Dredd can’t get a sequel but Sharknado is on its third outing since 2013. Sometimes I question the Human Race. But then I realise that if it wasn’t for people like me thinking ‘I need to see how preposterous this gets’, then there’d be no market for The Asylum and their distinct brand of movie. Maybe I should be questioning myself. 

TMNT- Casey & April #2

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

"Casey and April struggle to keep their relationship afloat as they look for answers in the desert. Someone is striving to cut their journey short—the Rat King!"

Last month I was surprised to find that there was a TMNT comic I was completely indifferent about. Despite April and Casey being fully deserving of their adventure together, both for the fans and for themselves in the world IDW have created, I was left cold. If anything the month since the last issue has left me with even less positive feelings than when I first read it, despite the artwork and hope that things would pick up.